ZD-931 Soldering Station

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ZD-931 Soldering Station

Offering the precise function of regulating temperature, 1 degree or 10 degrees per grade can be regulated through the temperature regulating button of our soldering station. The heating element offers an average use life of about 500 hours and must be replaced if broken. We offer a guarantee period of one year for the main body of the soldering station.

The soldering station can be adjusted with the temperature and is suitable for welding all kinds of the components on the PCB and welding the leads. If a breakdown in operation occurs, warnings will sound and appear on the screen display. The soldering iron tips are easy to maintain. If the soldering station is in continual use, the tips should be replaced on a regular basis.

The soldering station is the ideal welding machine for an amateur fancier, school, car electronics, and for maintaining service and production in a laboratory

Technical Specifications of the Soldering Station
Power Supply Voltage: 110volt (110volt-130volt) / 60Hz
230volt (220volt-240volt) / 50Hz
Electric Iron Power: 48Watt
Equipment power Supply Fuse: T1 A/250volt (50X20mm glass pipe)
Regulating Scope of Temperature: 150-450
Temperature Display: 2*31/2grades LCD display
Display Scope: 150℃-450℃
Display Precision: 5%
Circumstance Humidity: +5-40, relative humidity<85% (not in humidification)
Atmospheric Pressure: 600hpa-1000hpa
Shell Size: 195*87*165mm width/height/depth (without electric iron)
Weight: About 2.00kg

The soldering station is packed in gift box packaging, 5 pieces per carton. The size of the carton is 53.5*23.5*23.5cm, N.W. is 9.5KGS and G.W. is 12.5KGS.

As a specialized soldering station manufacturer and supplier based in China, We offers a wide range of products that includes soldering iron, magnifier lamp, hot air gun, hot air SMD rework station, and much more.

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