ZD-8901 Soldering Station

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ZD-8901 Soldering Station

Our soldering station features full LCD display, LED background, integration of multimeter, automatic stable voltage adjustable direct current power supply and speedy temperature control soldering iron functions. This soldering station is the perfect tool for schools, laboratories, technical amateurs and repair work.

The soldering station can measure alternating current, direct current, resistance, diode and other technical data by means of the multimeter. The station offers an automatic stable voltage adjustable direct current power supply. This automatic stable voltage output 1.2V-15V adjustable direct current power supply is utilized for all types of electric circuit laboratories. The maximum output current is 1A.

The speedy temperature adjustable soldering iron offers digital potentiometer adjust, is more convenient, has quick heat-up, and is suitable for lead free soldering, continuous adjust under temperature 160-480℃. When heat-up at the beginning, the maximum power can reach 120W.

We is a professional soldering station manufacturer and supplier based in China. We provide various types of products such as a soldering iron, smoke absorber, adjustable hot air gun and hot air SMD rework station.

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