ZD-982 Soldering Station

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ZD-982 Soldering Station

The soldering station is suitable for soldering and desoldering all types of surface mounted IC and prevents any damage to the PCB or components. It is a high performance and multi-functional soldering station that has been especially designed for lead-free soldering. Our soldering station is used in the fields of the electronic production and repairing such as chips soldering and desoldering.

The soldering station offers an integration automatic sleeping function. If the soldering iron is not in use after 15 minutes, the station will automatically go into sleeping status. During the sleeping mode, the temperature of the tip will keep around 200℃ to reduce and save the power. Because the tip will not be oxidized during the sleeping mode, the life of the tip will be greatly extended. The station will go back to the previous working condition when the soldering iron is picked up or any key is pushed.

The hot air temperature of the soldering station can be adjusted from 160℃ to 480℃ continuously and the hot air flow varies from 3L/min to 24L/min continuously. The temperature sensor on the top of the tips can check the tip temperature quickly and decrease the possibility of the tip temperature dropping down during the operation.

Technical Specifications of ZD-982/ZD-912 Soldering Station
Voltage Supply: 110-130V AC/220-240V AC
Power Consumption: 60W+320W
Main Fuse: 3.15A
Air Pump: Diaphragm

Soldering Iron
Voltage: 24V AC
Power: 60W heat up rating 130W
Temperature: 160℃-480℃
Heating Element: Ceramic heater

Hot Air SMD
Voltage: 110-130V AC/220-240V AC
Capacity: 24L/Min (Max)
Power: 320W
Temperature: 160℃-480℃

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