ZD-912 Soldering Station

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ZD-912 Soldering Station

Suitable for soldering and desoldering all types of surface mounted IC and preventing any damage to the PCB or components, our soldering station offers a high performance and multi-functional station for electronic product research, production and rework. It is especially designed for lead-free production techniques.

Two micro-processors automatically control the soldering iron and the hot air desoldering tool. Precise temperature control at the soldering tip is guaranteed due to the digital control electronics, high quality sensor, and heat exchange system.

The high power and slim design make this iron an ideal choice for fine soldering work. The heating element is made of PTC and the sensor on the soldering tip can quickly and accurately control the soldering temperature. The hot air gun offers 320W power and a continuously adjustable temperature range from 160℃ to 480℃ (320-896). We offer a wide spectrum of nozzles (see spare parts) that can solder and desolder all types of SDP, QFP, and PLCC.

We are a professional soldering station manufacturer based in China. At we we provide a broad range of products, including SMD rework station, soldering iron, desoldering station, and hot air gun, among others.

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