ZD-932 Soldering Station

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ZD-932 Soldering Station

Our soldering station offers an ideal combination of durability and price. It has the ability to solder all kinds of electronic components and the temperature of the soldering irons can be flexibly adjusted. The temperature of the soldering station is set using a rotary temperature setting and it features LED heating element status indication. The temperature range is 150℃-450℃ and the solder iron is 48W.

An adjustable metal iron holder can be attached to the left or right side of soldering station and the integral tip cleaner includes a replaceable sponge. We also offer a variety of replacement tips. The soldering station is equipped with an on/off switch and includes a safety guard iron holder.

As a specialized soldering station manufacturer and supplier based in China, our company also offers desoldering station, temperature adjustable soldering iron, hot air gun, smoke absorber, and much more.

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