ZD-929B Soldering Station

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ZD-929B Soldering Station

Our soldering station is used to solder all kinds of electronic parts and components. It is very important to solder at the correct temperature to ensure a perfect soldering connection. If the temperature is too low, the solder will not flow correctly and will cause cold solder joints. If the temperature is too high, the flux will be burned and not allow the solder to flow. High temperature can also cause damage to the PC Board and other sensitive components. Our soldering station can offer suitable soldering temperature to ensure good quality soldering joint. The most common solder alloys used in electronics industry is 60% tin, 40% lead (60/40).

A common tip working temperature of 60/40 solder is listed below (may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer).
Melting Point: 419℉(215℃)
Normal Operation: 518℉-572℉(250℃-300℃)
Production Line Operation: 608℉-716℉(320℃-380℃)
Desoldering Operation for Small Joint: 599℉(315℃)
Desoldering Operation for Large Joint: 752℉(400℃)

Technical Specifications of the Soldering Station
Professional Soldering Station: 48W (150℃-420℃)
Voltage Supply: 230Vac (220Vac-240Vac)/50Hz
110Vac (110Vac-130Vac)/60Hz
LED Indication: 12 LED bar-type temperature read-out with on/off switch
Heater Power for Soldering |Iron: 48W
Temperature: 150℃-420℃
Iron Voltage: 24Vac
Soldering Iron Length: 198mm
Soldering Station: L170*W116*H98MM

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