ZD-929A Soldering Station

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ZD-929A Soldering Station

The soldering station has a power-on LED indication light with on/off switch. The station offers a manual temperature setting and the temperature of the soldering irons can be flexibly adjusted. The soldering station can be used for soldering all types of electronic components.

Technical Specifications of the Soldering Station
Voltage Supply: 230Vac (220Vac-240Vac)/50Hz
110Vac (110Vac-130Vac)/60Hz
Heater Power for Soldering Iron: 48W
Temperature: 150-450℃
Iron Voltage: 24Vac
Soldering Iron Length: 198mm
Soldering Station: L170*W116*H96MM

The tip is made of iron plate copper and will last a long time when used properly and given the proper care. Following are some suggestions for the care of the tip of a soldering station:
1. Only wipe before use. Before switching off or storing the soldering station for any period of time, always keep the tips tinned.
2. Do not keep the iron set at a high temperature for a long period of time. This will break down the surface of the tip.
3. The tip for the soldering station should never be cleaned with coarse abrasive materials or files.
4. If an oxide film forms on the tip it can be cleaned by lightly rubbing with a 600-800 grit emery cloth, isopropyl alcohol or equivalent. After cleaning, immediately re-heat and re-tin the tip to prevent oxidation of the wettable surface.
5. After twenty hours of use of the soldering station, or at least once a week, remove the tip and clean it. Be sure to remove any loose build up in the barrel.
6. Use only rosin or activated resin fluxes. Do not use any chemical cleaning agent containing chloride or acid.
7. Never use any compound or anti-seize materials on the wettable surface.

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