ZD-707NL Soldering Iron

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ZD-707NL Soldering Iron

The soldering iron is an essential tool for the production and rework on electronic products. The major function is to solder the electronic components and leads. Our soldering irons feature quick soldering.

We offer soldering irons with big power and irons with small power according to different purposes. In general electronic making, soldering iron with a power 20W to 40W is used. For big soldering points, irons with big power above 60W are used. The voltage of the soldering iron is 110-130V/220-240V and offers 30W/40W power.

Our soldering iron utilizes LED light and when powered on, the LED will light up. The use of the LED light enables operation with perfect working condition.

We are a China-based soldering iron manufacturer and supplier. At we we also produce magnifier lamp, adjustable hot air gun, temperature controlled soldering station, smoke absorber, and much more.

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