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Smoke Absorber

Model: ZD-153

Making use of the low noise axis operated air motor and high absorption activated carton filter, our smoke absorber is designed to filtrate the smoke during a soldering job and remove the harmful substances in the air. Our smoke absorber quickly removes noxious fumes safely and efficiently. We offer two types of smoke absorbers, regular and anti-electronic.

The angle of the smoke absorber can be freely adjusted and it is easy to place and move. It offers a low noise and long life service fan. The replaceable filter of the smoke absorber is made by joining specific urethane foam with refined, activated high absorption carbon.

Technical Specifications of the Smoke Absorber
Absorption Capacity: 1m3/min (max.)
Overall Dimension: 220(W)*270(H)*168(D) mm
Weight: 1.4kgs
Voltage: 110-130V/ 220-240V
Power: 23W

We is a professional smoke absorber manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including adjustable hot air gun, soldering iron, hot air SMD rework station, soldering station, and much more.

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