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Main products
  • Smoke AbsorberMaking use of the low noise axis operated air motor and high absorption activated carton filter, our smoke absorber is designed to filtrate the smoke during a soldering job and remove the harmful substances in the air. Our smoke absorber quickly removes noxious fumes safely and efficiently. We offer two types of smoke absorbers, regular and anti-electronic.
    The angle of the smoke absorber can be freely adjusted and it is easy to place and move. It offers a low noise and long life service fan. The ...
  • ZD-510 Adjustable Hot Air GunOur adjustable hot air gun features an LCD display, high power, strong construction, and rapid heating with a high quality heater. We have various types of optional nozzles for you to choose from. The adjustable hot air gun is suitable for soldering and desoldering many types of components.
    The adjustable hot air gun can be used to fix heat shrinkage tube, heat up and curve the plastic tube and paint removal. Additionally, it is suitable for defrosting, preheating, sterilizing copper soldering, tin melting, etc.